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What's New With QuiltAlbum 4?

In Addition:


  • Up to 10 photos can now be associated with a single Quilt record!
  • New formats added for printing including postcards and multiple photos
    on a single album page!
  • Display larger pictures of your Quilts!
  • Backgrounds can be customized to taste!
  • Quilt data can be moved from PC's to Mac's and vice-versa!
  • Up to date Online Help is easily available from each screen!
  • Easier to set personal Preferences to customize QuiltAlbum to your needs!

QuiltAlbum 4 has re-engineered from the ground up from earlier versions to provide new features, smoother operation, and greater efficiency. Interfaces have been streamlined for easier use. However, care has been taken to maintain sufficient similarity to earlier versions so that existing users will have no trouble adapting to to the simplicity of QuiltAlbum 4 - and new users will have no difficulty getting started.

What's New With The QuiltAlbum 4.1 Upgrade?

Version 4.1 mostly fixes Version 4 bugs. In particular the following now work correctly:

  • Export Pic
  • Scaling of images to reduce image size
  • Printing of Title on Album pages
  • Removing parentheses on Card printing if no title
  • Automatic default selection of first pic when printing
  • Input from backup folders
  • Backup of titles and captions when no pic is present

Some minor enhancements are also included:

  • When printing, all formats can now select pics
  • The lead-in for Notes can now be changed


Note for Version and Version 2 Users:

Versions 1 and 2 of QuiltAlbum are no longer available and can no longer be activated. Version 2.2 can still be upgraded to Version 4 provided Version 2.2 has previously been activated and is available. Contact us for assistance.