.............keeping track of your quilts!

Technical Notes & Tips

Upgrading from Version 4 to Version 4.1

Upgrading from Version 4 to Version 4.1 requires the following steps:


  1. Open Version 4.
  2. Select File>Export Desktop Transfer Folder from the menu bar. This places a folder called QA Transfer Folder on your desktop - it contains all of your quilt data.
  3. Exit Version 4.
  4. Download, install and launch Version 4.1 available from the QuiltAlbum Downloads page*. After launching, you will be asked to re-register.
  5. Open QuiltAlbum 4.1 if it is not already open.
  6. Select File>Import Desktop Transfer Folder. This will import all the data that is in QA Transfer folder.


That's it! When you are satisfied that all your data has been correctly imported, you can delete Version 4 from your Applications Folder (Mac)  or Uninstal it (PC Windows).


Think of the QA Transfer Folder as a boat that can shuttle between ports of different copies or versions of QuiltAlbum 4 and above. Thus it is a vital folder that periodically should be exported and backed up offline. It should also be used to transfer QuiltAlbum between computers, including between Macs and PCs.


Important Note for PC Users:


*Depending on the browser and antiviral software used, after downloading the QuiltAlbum 4.1 installer on a PC a strange message window may pop up at the start of the installation (the actual message may vary with different browsers). Just ignore it and proceed with running the installer. Although your anti-viral software may wish to check us out first, there should be no problems since we are a Verified Publisher!