.............keeping track of your quilts!

Technical Notes & Tips

Step 1 - Export Your Data: Open your current version of QuiltAlbum. From the menu select File>Export File and follow the instructions to place a special file on your Desktop. The file is called "QuiltAlbum 2.2 Copy.CSZ" if you are using Version 2.2. The version number is after QuiltAlbum - so, for example, Version 2,1 users will output a file called QuiltAlbum 2.1 Copy.csz

IMPORTANT: as part of the output dialog, make sure the name of the file is indeed QuiltAlbum 2.2 Copy.csz and that it is indeed placed on your Desktop. Version 2.0 and 2.1 users will need to rename the file to QuiltAlbum 2.2 Copy.csz. Please do this carefully and correctly!


To find out which version of QuiltAlbum you are using, in the file menu go to About>About QuiltAlbum. More Info


Step 2 - Download and Instal QAConvert:

This extra conversion step is necessary because of changes in technology.


Click here to download QA Convert for the Mac. Read this Special Note regarding opening applications downloaded for the Mac. More Info



Step 3 - Run QAConvert: Launch* QAConvert and follow the instructions. There are two steps: one for importing your data and the second for exporting your data into a format that can be imported into QuiltAlbum 4.1. The converted data will be stored in a new folder on your desktop called "QA Version 2 Upgrade". More Info




Step 4 - Download and Instal Version 4.1: From the Quiltalbum Downloads page. More Info




Step 5 - Import Your Old Data:  Launch* your new QuiltAlbum 4.1 (if it is not already open). You must be online at this point! No License Key is required but there is a registration step.


Once you have launched QuiltAlbum 4.1, from the File menu, select "Upgrade from Version 2". This will automatically import all the data that you saved in Step 3. More Info



That's it!


*You will need to hold down your Control key while clicking on the app ; then select Open. QAConvert and QuiltAlbum 4.1 are not included in Appleā€™s App Store, and your Mac wants to know that you are serious about launching them.

Upgrade To Version 4.1 Instructions: MAC

The upgrade steps outlined below may suffice for many users. Click on the More Info button to the right of each Step for more detailed instructions.



Step 6 - Later!: Once you are satisfied that all your data has successfully been imported (you may wish to wait a few days to make sure), you can delete the following temporary files that were placed on your desktop:


- the QAConvert app;

- any old QuiltAlbum 2 icons;

- the QA Version 2 Upgrade folder. However, we suggest saving this to some other storage device first as a backup.

- the QuiltAlbum QuickStart icon (if it is still there!).