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Download Version 4.1 (it's free! - no  license key required)

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Special Notes

Important Installation Notes


* See Special Note for installing under Mac OSX 10.8 and above. Hold Control Key when first opening!


*Depending on the browser and antiviral software used, after downloading the QuiltAlbum 4.1 installer on a PC a strange message window may pop up at the start of the installation (the actual message may vary with different browsers). Just ignore it and proceed with running the installer. Although your anti-viral software may wish to check us out first, there should be no problems since we are a Verified Publisher!


* Versions 1 and 2 can no longer be activated.  However, current users of activated versions can still upgrade to Version 4.1. Or go directly to Version 4.1 if you have no Quilt data that you wish to import into Version 4.1. Also, users who no longer can run Version 2.2 but who have previously exported and saved a backup file using File>Export File can convert that file to Version 4.1. See QuiltAlbum 2 to QuiltAlbum 4.1 upgrade/conversion instructions.

Support for QuiltAlbum 2.2 and earlier versions is no longer available except for upgrade assistance.




Read our QuiltAlbum Version 4 QuickStart Guide:


* Download PDF, or




Upgrading From Version 4.0 to Version 4.1?

* Click here for upgrade instructions.

* What's new in Version 4.1? Click here.