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QuiltAlbum is free

- and we no longer need to solicit donations

Many of you over the past years have generously made donations or purchased earlier versions of QuiltAlbum. We thank you for your support - we could not have provided QuiltAlbum to the quilting community without it.

However, thanks to anonymous benefactor and a rigorous program of cost cutting, we no longer need to seek donations.
We can maintain the current version of QuiltAlbum without having to depend upon community support.

Our goal has always been to promote documentation across the worldwide quilting community
- so that the record and legacy of your beautiful quilts are there for you and future generations. We are please that we are able to continue supporting this goal.


We have been pleased with the response to QuiltAlbum. Quilters all over the world are using QuiltAlbum. Our thanks to those who have pioneered with us.