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We developed QuiltAlbum because we had to!


QuiltAlbum was built by quilters, for quilters.


Laura and Barbara are active quilters in their local quilt guild. Husbands Jim and Stuart photograph their quilts, even helping with the design of some of them.


But Laura and Barbara wanted a place to save not just these photographs, but also to document detailed information about their quilts.


Hatched at Starbucks™


The idea of QuiltAlbum was hatched over a ‘blue sky’ conversation at Starbucks™.“If only we could……”. QuiltAlbum was on its way!


We created QuiltAlbum for quilters from the ground up. Laura and Barbara pushed on the design. Developers Jim and Stuart responded to their requirements!


The original idea grew – how about using the QuiltAlbum contents for making greeting cards, note cards, business cards – and printed albums complete with index and cover page?


QuiltAlbum matured into a full-featured package.


For all quilters!


But then it hit home! This was a need not just for Laura and Barbara, but for all quilters who want to document their beautiful quilts on which they have spent so much time and loving care.


Details not just for their own reference and documentation purposes, but also to pass on to their families and future generations who would enjoy the quilts for many years to come.


So we formed Coachella Software to share QuiltAlbum with quilters everywhere!


The rest is not just history - it's a new way for quilters to record history!


Two years later:

QuiltAlbum booth at the

2011 Long Beach International Quilt Festival!

L to R: Stuart, Barbara, Jim, Laura









About Us - how QuiltAlbum came about!